Craigweil Dental Practice

We understand that having toothache is a very unpleasant experience and that our patients need access to a dentist in the event of an unexpected emergency.

This web page explains our emergency appointment system at Craigweil Dental Practice and what you should do in the event of an emergency.

step one – Telephone Craigweil dental practice

Call the practice on this telephone number: 01903 762584
Our reception staff will be able to offer you advice. In addition to this we have set aside appointments during each working day specifically for patients with emergency dental pain. At busy times, those appointments may have been taken. You will then be offered the next available emergency appointment. If this is not convenient you will be offered an alternative emergency service.

step two – new arrangements for out of hours dental services in Worthing Central Clinic 01903 230364

step 3 – aftercare
After your emergency has been attended to, you may need to contact the practice for an appointment to see your own dentist.

If you are unhappy with the emergency care you have received, or any other aspect of the service provided by Craigweil Dental Practice, please write to:

Dr Mehrdad Seifouri

Practice Owner 

We will respond to your letter within 5 working days.

Our procedure for dealing with complaints is set out in a leaflet. Please ask our reception staff for a ‘Code of Practice for Patient Complaints’ leaflet.